Wondering What is Add me to Google? This is all you need to read!

Wondering What is Add me to Google? This is all you need to read!

August 12, 2019

Google never fails to surprise us. Just when we think that Google has everything we need, it comes out with something better and better. Over these years, Google has been offering us some of the amazing features that are free to use and that’s why we cannot thank Google enough. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Google has brought a revolution in the online world. Each time Google gives us a new surprise and this time, it is the People Cards that have been stealing the limelight.

We know, you must be having tons of questions like what is it, what does it do and how can I use it. Hold on! In this post, we will be telling you some of the highlights of this feature.

Curious to know what is Add me to Google?

There was a time when only celebrities were found on Google SERPs. But with the help of People Cards, anyone can establish a good online presence on Google. People Cards is a virtual visiting card that is displayed on the search engine results only on Google (no other search engine will have the People Cards). It will have various sections of information that you can fill in. Some of the most important sections to fill in are:

  • Your image

  • Description of yourself

  • Personal Website

  • Contact details

  • Social profiles

There are a lot of sections that you use to enhance your People Cards.

Once you will search “Add me to Google,” you will see the section that will redirect you to a page where you could create People Cards. If someone will search for your name on Google, the People Cards of your name will be displayed.

Talking about accessing this feature, it is available on the smartphone Google Search and not the web. You can create your People Cards using Your cell-phones and not the desktop.

How to create People Card

Creating People Cards is very easy. Let us tell you in some easy steps:

  • Search “Add me to Google” on Google search engine or type in your name to start creating your own People Card.

  • You will see a section where you would have to tap on “Get started” button.

  • A page will open where you will have to fill in all your details.

  • There will be sections for your various pieces of information.

  • Once you have filled in all the details, click on preview.

  • After making sure the details are all set to go online, click save.

In just six easy steps you can create your own identity on the internet. It is extremely simple and easy to use so you wouldn’t face any trouble.

Benefits of People Cards

People Cards are a great way to establish a strong online reputation. There are a lot of people who are struggling to reach out to the mass for various reasons. Some people want to get a job while some people want to sell their products and service through personal online presence. Be it any reason, the people card is serving something new to people that they wanted desperately.

Protection of People Card

Your virtual card will be all over the web and since it will have all your information, it should be well protected. Thankfully, we have no doubt about the protection provided by Google. This search engine has some of the best security layers which will keep your information secured and safe.

Each person will be able to create one People Card using a unique phone number and a Google account. The user will have the entire control of the details that could be edited at any time.

There will also be a feedback button where people can offer feedback to your profile.

What about the same name?

You must be thinking about what will happen if two people will have the same names. In India, there are more than a billion people living so this issue will be very common. But since there are other details like website, descriptions, locations, etc. it wouldn’t be hard for the audience to search for the right card.

We think that this feature should be used by everyone who wants to upgrade the online presence. With better visibility, the person could make a huge network.

Some tips to create a stunning People Card

  • Always remember, your People Card will be going in front of a huge audience and that is the reason it should be the best one. There we a couple of tips that you could follow.

  • Your description is your presentation. Make it interesting and catchy. Don’t be lame and common. You can add anything about yourself that you think is appropriate.

  • Adding images is one of the biggest factors that can help attract people towards your People Card. With a good image, your virtual card will look more genuine and authentic.

  • Be very careful about the details that you are filling in. People like real and authentic details and you should only fill in genuine information about yourself.

These are some of the things that you should know about this amazing feature of Google. To be honest, we don’t even know when Google will surprise with something new.

Google is really one of the most important parts of an online presence. In fact, there are a lot of businesses that are growing at a tremendous rate due to the help of digital marketing services that are enhancing the online presence of the businesses.

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That’s it for now! We hope you learned something new and valuable today.